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Electrical Contracting:

MCR Services provides a full range of electrical contracting, which includes commercial, industrial, institutional, healthcare, retail, 24-hour services and residential. We do provide a full design / build electrical upon request. Though we also accomplish electrical projects with the plan and specification version, we feel that the end user of our product and services are rewarded with cost savings with our design / build department. Please contact us for further information for your projects now and in the future.

Industries Served:
All backed by our 24 hour service center.

Design Build:
We offer our design build service for those who need a plan designed for their new facility. We will meet with you and design a plan that will accomplish your current goals, give room for future expansion and suggest ways to cut costs. Most customers find that having us involved from the beginning stages will help streamline the entire building process. With our extended services like networking, cabling, fire alarm, security systems and phone systems our customers see and feel the benefits of only having to deal with one company instead of wasting time and money meeting with multiple contractors.

Our Team:
Our electrical division is made up of Master Electricians, Journeyman Electricians and Apprentices. All of our electricians have served a State Certified Apprenticeship or have passed State Exams to prove they have the proper knowledge to carry the title of Electrician. MCR Services offers small workshops throughout the year to educate our employees and particular electrical concepts or individual product lines. During our quarterly company meetings we discuss (as a company) problems we have encountered, ideas on how to fix these issues and we discuss new NEC (National Electric Code) changes that have popped up. Sometimes we invite a representative from a particular product line to join us and walk us through the product line so we have a better understanding of new products and how they might save our customers time and money. These meetings are very informative and helps keep everyone in the company on the same page. It also offers time for the MCR Family to spend some time together and get to know each other a little better.

Safety, Safety, Safety. We have gone to great lengths to keep our employees safe. From weekly safety reports filed by each employee to special company meetings dedicated to safety tips and product usage we will stop at nothing to ensure we are a safe company. We are constantly reinforcing and reminding our employees about proper lock-out tag-out Procedures, hard hats, safety glasses, ARC Flash and general jobsite safety. Down time on a job because of an injury yields hardship for everyone involved so our best approach is to give our employees the knowledge and training they need.