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CTI Technologies (A DIVISION OF MCR Solutions, LLC) is a telephony solutions provider that specializes in matching its clients with world class communications equipment and maintenance. We service and sell several top brands. We have installed and maintained phone systems ranging in size from 4 users to over 4,000 users. Our solution options include conventional (analog), digital, and/or voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems. Please visit our CTI Technologies web page for more information. For more information stop by the CTI website by clicking here.

The term "telephony":
In its simplest form, telephony is simply a collective term for all types of voice equipment that are designed to allow interactive communication between two points. The most commonly identified piece of telephony equipment is the telephone itself. Considered to be an essential in just about every residence and in all businesses, the telephone provides basic point to point audio communication that many of us have come to rely on extensively during the course of the day.