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We offer a full range of solutions for technical systems to monitor, control and enhance your facility.

CCTV - Close Circuit TV
Fire Alarm Systems
Card Access
Nurse Call
Phone Systems
Sound Systems



For more information on each of these services please see below.


CCTV - Close Circuit TV:  
Services Provide - Design, Install & Support

Close Circuit Television (CCTV) is defined as the use of video cameras to view and/or record activities and areas around and within a building. This system doesn't broadcast the signal outside the building so therefore is not considered to be "broadcast television".

It's main benefit is for surveillance. This is useful in Businesses, schools, offices or even at someone's home. The most common uses are Banks, Airports, Casinos, Military, Schools, small and large shopping centers and hospitals. The general rule is, the more public access allowed the more important this system becomes. A new trend is the use of cameras in Daycare centers in which the parents are given special logins to view their child during the day via the internet.

Many companies use this system to monitor the exterior of their building and when we design the system we put extra effort into finding common hiding spots like in the corners of the buildings to rule out anyone trying to hide from being seen. Overall, our placement of the cameras is very important because it will help keep your employees safe and your building protected from vandals.

With the introduction of night vision or low light cameras and other technologies we are sure to find you the best cross between functionality and cost for your business. Please give us a call and we will be happy to explain more and show you some of the products we work with.


Fire Alarm Systems:
Services Provide - Design, Install & Support (which includes yearly testing services)

Not all buildings require a full fire alarm system but for the minimal cost and the ease of mind it provides it would be a good idea to consider a system for your building. We design and install systems for new construction as well as existing buildings that need a new system or an upgrade of an old system.

Your fire alarm system can be an isolated system or it can be tied into your CCTV system. When a pull station or smoke alarm goes into alarm your cameras can instantly turn and record the action right on your monitor. This will cut response time down which in turn will possibly save lives and your assets.
Card Access:
Services Provide - Design, Install & Support

A card access can be used to compliment your security guards or used as a stand alone system to control the access to your building or areas within your building. This layer of security offers more options when compared to a key system. You can instantly see a log of who entered which doors at what time and in the unfortunate case of having to let someone go as an employee you don't have to worry about them not returning keys or making copies of keys. You can simply turn off their card and they will no longer have access to your building.

The control of the card access building is not limited to just one building. Using technology we are able to extend the card access system to remote buildings so you can manage all your employee's access from one central location.

You might also consider using your access control system as a punch clock for your employees as well. This will cut down on the cost for the payroll department because no one will have to gather all of the punch cards and assemble the data. All of the data will be logged as part of the card access system.

For added security, you can consider palm, finger or retina scanners to be used in conjunction with the card access system. We see this type of system implemented in more sensitive areas like server rooms, payroll and the security booth itself.

With easy to use software you can design your access system to include access groups so everyone in a group will have the same access throughout the building. You can also setup times so only

certain doors can be accessed between preset times. The cards can also be used as Photo ID cards for your employees which helps everyone get to know each other and reduces the chance of unfamiliar people being able to walk freely around the building.

There are many options available for your access system. Let our design team sit down with you and go over the options and figure out how to save you money by designing a system that will work for your building.

Nurse Call:
Services Provide - Design, Install & Support

Nurse call systems have come a long way over the last few years. While a simple button or pull string is still the standard, the way the alert is sent and received has changed. Your staff can now carry a small pager or necklace that will receive all calls for help. This will allow them to move away from the main station to perform other routines or services.

All requests over the nurse call system can also be logged automatically into a computer for quick and easy access to the event log. For those patients that are a little more mobile there are options of portable nurse call systems so they can call for help where ever they are. Some even have a type of

  GPS system so the nurse will know where they are in the hospital so they don't waste time doing a search and rescue, they can focus on the rescue part saving time and lives.
Services Provide - Design, Install & Support
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Phone Systems:
Services Provide - Design, Install & Support
  Please view our telephone division which is CTI Technologies - Click here to be directed to CTI's website.
Sound Systems:
  Sound systems or Overhead Voice Systems are used for many purposes. While it's main intent is for paging someone throughout a facility it can also be used as an extension of your fire and security systems. During a fire alarm a computer voice can be broadcast over the sound system letting people know where the fire is and giving them their best route to exit the building. The system can be broken down by floors or areas so each floor or area will get their own instructions for the safest way out of the building. It can also be used to announce the type of alarm. If it's a hurricane or tornado it can give special safety instructions.Let's not forgot the most important part of the sound system and that is to pipe music all around the building.