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About MCR

When MCR Services LLC was formed in 1999 we had a lot of discussion about what services we wanted to offer and how to support those services. We wanted to be more than just an electrical contractor, we wanted to become the “new” version of a contractor business. We achieved this goal by seeking out the people we needed to fill the desires of our customers. Continued training for all employees is a must. Many of our employees are cross trained to fulfill the needs of our diverse projects.

Our services include Electrical Construction, Networking and Technical Systems including; Access Controls, Audio/Visual, Camera Surveillance, Fire Alarm, Nurse Call and Security systems. Please take a moment to read about our services by clicking the tabs above. If you have any questions and would like more information, please refer to the Contact Us icon on this page.

We are ready and willing to enter a project at any stage. You can depend on us from the early planning and design stages all the way through to the final stages of your project. We strive to develop a relationship with our customers early on and we look forward to accommodating you with any future needs after your project is complete. Please contact us for further information for your projects now and in the future.

Our Team:

Our electrical division is made up of Master Electricians, Journeyman Electricians and Apprentices. Our electricians have served a State Certified Apprenticeship or have passed State Exams to prove they have the proper knowledge to carry the title of Electrician.

MCR Services offers small workshops throughout the year to educate our employees about specific electrical concepts or individual product lines. During company meetings we discuss (as a company) problems we have encountered, ideas on how to fix these issues and we discuss any new NEC (National Electric Code) changes. Occasionally, we invite a representative from a specific product line to join us and walk us through the product line to have a better understanding of new products and how they might save our customers time and money.


Safety, Safety, Safety. We have gone to great lengths to keep our employees safe. From weekly safety reports filed by each employee to special company meetings dedicated to safety tips and product usage we will stop at nothing to ensure we are a safe company.  Most importantly, we believe in making sure our work complies with electrical and construction standards, and we focus on safety at all times.