We offer a full range of solutions for networking and technical systems to monitor, control, protect and enhance your facility.  With the following extended services, you’re going to see and feel the benefits of only having to deal with one company, saving you time and money.

Access Controls:

These types of controls can be used to compliment your security guards or used as a stand-alone system to control the access to your building or areas within your building.  This layer of security offers more options compared to a key system.  Instantly see a log of entries entering and leaving your building, but most importantly manage all your employee’s access from one location.

Audio/Visual Systems:

We deliver high-end audio visual services to enhance spaces for your project needs. Technology is constantly changing, but our goal is to help you control every aspect of your business from anywhere.

Camera Surveillance:

Surveillance systems consist of several connected, either hardwired or wireless, to a digital video recorder (DVR), which records the images and displays them on a monitor.  With several options in today’s technological world, let us help you find what will be suite your project needs!

Fire Alarm Systems:

Not all buildings require a full fire alarm system, but for the minimal cost and the ease of mind it provides, it would be a good idea to consider a system for your building.  We design and install systems for new construction as well as new systems or upgrades for an existing system.

Nurse Call Systems:

A functioning nurse call system is a lifeline between patients and medical staff.  Let us introduce you to the modern nurse call systems which have many different options and features for both patients and staff.

Security System:

We want to protect what matters most!  We understand there is more to security than just equipment.  Understanding the day-to-day operations, specific needs, requirements and regulations all must be taken into account when designing a secure system.  We will design a system to fit those needs.